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Good News for Everyone On Our Blog

Recently, we received a few emails from our readers that we should try to make our guides easier to read and understand. If you’re one of those readers, who found our guides hard to read, we have some good news for you.

We have just rewritten the guides on our blog you guys told us via emails, so we hope you like our new guides. Please make sure to contact us again if you still find them hard to understand. Thanks for coming to our blog and best wishes.

Cooper Chauvel

True Blood Ryan Kwanten Workout & Diet Tips

The True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten is one of the celebrities that keeps himself in top shape. He is playing as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood.

Ryan Kwanten no doubt has a great body shape, but he did not achieve this form by training in a gym. When he was a teenager, he was an outstanding boxer. He won the state championship in the welterweight division.

Ryan believes that if you keep doing the same exercise over and over again, then your muscles will fall asleep. You should add variety to your training to balance your growth. Since the time of his teenage, Ryan has added variety to his workout routine to stay fit. He does surfing, biking, triathlons, swimming, soft sand running and many more exercises to train his body in different ways.

Ryan is not sticking to a set of an exercise or a fixed workout plan. He follows a dynamic method which includes a variety of exercises. You can take many tips from Ryan’s workout plan.

Body Building

Ryan does strength training to keep his body functional. He does push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and skipping. He performs all these bodyweight exercises at home. According to Ryan, he likes to perform old school training methods. However, if you don’t like bodyweight exercises, you can use this’s weightlifting equipment guide to figure out what equipment you need for your workout.

While working on his abs, Ryan avoids putting pressure on his neck, which can cause an injury. That’s why He works on his core to avoid this problem. Ryan uses a thick rubber jump rope for performing intervals.

Ryan does his strength training exercises at home. You can easily do these exercises as they don’t require much time or equipment.


Ryan likes running outdoors. He is not a fan of treadmills. According to Ryan, he finds pleasure when running outside on trails. By running outdoors, you develop balance and body coordination. Since the ground does not always have the same terrain, the body learns to absorb shocks better.

While running outside, he selects his tracks by distinct midpoints rather than distance. He says that when you have points at your running track, you can measure the distance and know exactly how much you have run. It is a great experience that cannot be found on the treadmill.
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Cooper Chauvel

Perform These Exercises To Reduce Breast Size and Tighten Stomach

exercises for breast and stomach

You are lucky if you are born with great genes, or you breastfeed. Otherwise, there are many women who have large breasts which ruin their overall appearance. The problem is doubled when the same woman has a flabby stomach as well. The main reason for this type of body shape is excessive fat in the body. But don’t worry, there are ways to bring your body back in shape, but it requires hard work and willpower. Here are some exercises that will bring you back in shape.

Use Of The Plastic Surgery

Relying on the plastic surgery will reduce your breast size and tighten your stomach. If you do not wish to do exercise to get the job done, then go look for a professional plastic surgeon for advice. For instance, check out this successful Gwen Stefani plastic surgery case we found while we were searching online. It is an inspiration for all of us. However it can help, you must understand what you want. If you genuinely love exercise, choose an exercise from below to help you get your desired results.

Resistance Exercises

Doing resistance exercise will give you muscles and shed off the excess fat from your body. Muscles take up more calories than fat and consume more to maintain themselves. This will increase your metabolism rate. Choose exercises that workout most muscles groups in the body at once. Some of the exercises like lunges, squats, bench press, deadlifts, shoulder press are good examples. You need to perform these exercises 2 – 3 days every week with enough rest. Do 2 – 3 sets of 12 reps in each exercise. You can lower the rest time between sets to get faster results.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio is the best way to decrease your body size and burn the fat. You need to shed 3,500 calories to remove 1 pound fat from your body. It means that if you burn 500 calories per day, you will lose 1 pound fat in a week which will ultimately decrease your breast size and straighten your belly. You need exercises that target the whole body like running, swimming, rowing, cycling, kickboxing and brisk walking. According to ACSM, adults who are obese should do exercise five days a week. A good thing about cardio is that the more you workout, the more fat you will shed.
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A Simple Yoga Workout for All Ages


Yoga is a low-impact exercise program that the family can partake in together. Programs are designed specifically for families, children, and elders. The trick to getting the most out of yoga is to learn all of the poses and perfect the formations. Practicing a variety of poses helps strengthen different muscle groups and flexibility. Yoga is also a great form of stress relief.

Start with a Warm Up

Since yoga involves stretching muscles, it is best to start with a few warm-up exercises first. This includes lunges, kickbacks, twists and even a few jumping jacks. A 5-minute warm up period is ideal.

You can also include low-impact yoga poses such as the cobra and the warrior as beginning exercises to help lubricate the muscles. The loosening of muscles helps the body relax to take on the more difficult poses.

Downward Dog

The downward dog is often the first exercise in a yoga workout. It is one of the simplest and easiest poses to master. This is a strengthening exercise for the arms and legs.

For this simple pose, stand with your legs squared up with your hips. Fold the body in half and extend the arms out slightly. The idea is to remain comfortable but feels a slight muscle stretch at the same time. Move the arms forward slightly, keeping your palms flat.

Increase the intensity by pressing upward on your feet to rest on the balls of the feet. Hold the position for 15 to 20 breaths and release.

Cow and Cat Poses

Cow and cat poses are often used as warm-up exercises but are also good for relaxing the body between strenuous poses. For these, begin by placing yourself on your hands and knees with the head facing forward in an upward position. Move the body forward, backward, up and down holding each position for 5 breaths.

Extended Angles

Extended angles combine lunges and above the head stretches. Relaxed stretches put less pressure on the thigh and calf muscles while still being effective.

Perform this pose by starting in a standing position. Slide one leg downward at an angle until you feel a slight pull. Bend the leg that remained straight and rest the matching elbow on top of the knee. Take the free arm and extend it above your head in a straight line. Hold this pose for 20 breaths and switch sides.
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15 Different Methods To Burn Fat


Are you sick and tired of excess fat in your body? Are you someone who has been looking for ways to lose weight? Trust me you are not the only one. Excess body fat does not only make you unattractive, but it also makes you more susceptible to a lot of health problems, diseases, and illnesses.

Thus it is the best idea to burn that extra fat as early as now. Get a slimmer and an awesome physique and feel healthier from the inside out with these 15 ways to burn more fat.

  1. Change your Lifestyle

The best way to burn fat and lose weight is to change your lifestyle. Instead of indulging in unhealthy food, you will need to learn how to balance a bit better.

  1. Don’t Diet!

Burning fat is not about eating less it is about eating more of the healthy food that keeps you full all day. Eating less slows down the metabolism thus decreasing the ability of the body to burn fat.

  1. Try to Exercise more often

Instead of telling you to head to the gym, the first step right now is to try! Start with a 30 minutes’ walk and gradually increasing and adding more exercises to your routine. This will help you adjust and stick more to exercising than asking you to get an intense workout right from the start.

  1. Drink a lot of Water

Drinking water can help you lose weight by flushing toxins from the body. This helps charge the metabolism so that the body will burn fat faster. Drink at least 8 glasses or more a day.

  1. Try a Natural Fat Burner

Over the years natural fat burners are exceptionally effective. 100 % natural fat burners are safe just don’t overdo it. Green tea, Raspberry ketone, and Garcinia cambogia are the most popular fat burners today.

  1. Have enough Rest and Sleep

Studies have proven that stress and lack of sleep can cause more visceral fat. So it is important to take some rest and quality sleep.

  1. Protect you Liver

The liver has many functions in the body. One of its functions is that it produces bile which is essential in the process of breaking down fat that we ingest. Liver health is essential to steady and long-term weight loss.

  1. Go Organic Whenever You Can

There was a study that pesticides used in growing fruits and vegetable cause a dip in the metabolism process. The substance in the pesticides also disrupts the fat burning abilities of the body. Through washing can reduce the substance, but it cannot get rid of it.

  1. Eat more Fiber

Consume foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber is not just a natural body cleanser, but it is also effective in curbing your appetite. In addition to this, it cuts down the accumulation of fat and helps control the release of sugar into the bloodstream.

  1. Avoid Processed and Fast Foods

Processed and fast foods are rich in saturated fats, preservatives, and sodium. Try to stick to natural or organic foods.
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