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True Blood Ryan Kwanten Workout & Diet Tips

The True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten is one of the celebrities that keeps himself in top shape. He is playing as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood.

Ryan Kwanten no doubt has a great body shape, but he did not achieve this form by training in a gym. When he was a teenager, he was an outstanding boxer. He won the state championship in the welterweight division.

Ryan believes that if you keep doing the same exercise over and over again, then your muscles will fall asleep. You should add variety to your training to balance your growth. Since the time of his teenage, Ryan has added variety to his workout routine to stay fit. He does surfing, biking, triathlons, swimming, soft sand running and many more exercises to train his body in different ways.

Ryan is not sticking to a set of an exercise or a fixed workout plan. He follows a dynamic method which includes a variety of exercises. You can take many tips from Ryan’s workout plan.

Body Building

Ryan does strength training to keep his body functional. He does push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and skipping. He performs all these bodyweight exercises at home. According to Ryan, he likes to perform old school training methods. However, if you don’t like bodyweight exercises, you can use this’s weightlifting equipment guide to figure out what equipment you need for your workout.

While working on his abs, Ryan avoids putting pressure on his neck, which can cause an injury. That’s why He works on his core to avoid this problem. Ryan uses a thick rubber jump rope for performing intervals.

Ryan does his strength training exercises at home. You can easily do these exercises as they don’t require much time or equipment.


Ryan likes running outdoors. He is not a fan of treadmills. According to Ryan, he finds pleasure when running outside on trails. By running outdoors, you develop balance and body coordination. Since the ground does not always have the same terrain, the body learns to absorb shocks better.

While running outside, he selects his tracks by distinct midpoints rather than distance. He says that when you have points at your running track, you can measure the distance and know exactly how much you have run. It is a great experience that cannot be found on the treadmill.


Ryan gave yoga a shot after seeing his mother facing debilitating back pain, and he was facing inflexibility issues as well. At first, he wasn’t sure about doing yoga, but after seeing people at his yoga class folding their feet behind their heads. He got inspiration from it, and with his competitive nature, he worked hard in this field. As a result, he is as flexible as a contortionist, and he is even an instructor of Vinyasa yoga now.

Ryan Kwanten’s Diet

When Ryan has to do a shirtless scene, he follows the Paleolithic diet. The Paleolithic diet is an ancient diet that many humans used to follow in the Paleolithic period. This diet includes consumption of wild animals and plants that were present in the habitat of the people. It was an era that started from as early as 2.5 million years ago and continued till 10 thousand years ago.

Today’s Paleolithic diet contains vegetables, roots, fruits, nuts, meat, and fish. Refined sugar, salt, processed oils, dairy products, legumes, and grains are excluded from it.

When preparing for his shirtless scene, Ryan follows this diet for about 2 to 3 days. Without this diet, it is not possible to decrease insulin and increase your fat burning rate.

Ryan doesn’t follow a diet routine anymore and occasionally don’t hesitate to drink a beer, but he still prefers to take protein shakes and water.

Ryan Kwanten follows a very simple method to keep himself in shape

By bringing variation to his exercises and diet, he can get his desired results at any time. You should also consider bringing variation to your workouts for balanced growth of the body.